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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received an error message, "Could not find the printer" when I tried to print a PDF listing.

If you receive this error, then it is very likely that you are working with Adobe 6.0 and have not yet downloaded the patch. Go to and find the appropriate update for your Adobe software.

Q: How do I subscribe to World Missile Systems™ Online?

A: View the subscriber options available on our Subscription Information page and sign-up online, or contact us in person.

Q: I signed up for the "Read and Print" subscription, but snow I'd like to upgrade to the full version.

A: If you already have the Read and Print subscription and decide you need our full Query Capability simply upgrade by going to our Subscription Information page — the cost is $400.

Q: How do I search by system?

A: To perform a search By System, click on the By System link at the top of the page. This will take you to the Advanced Missile Search page, which takes you through a search step-by-step:

Search Options:

Simply choose whether you want the Worldwide Missiles™ search to match "Any" or "All" of your conditions. (Remember, the more restrictive your search parameters, the fewer matches)


Choose one type from the options available on the drop-down list. (The selection from this drop-down list will affect the next two parameters accordingly)


Choose the modifier that suits your search needs.


Enter the Value you're searching for that fits within the Type and Modifier parameters you have set, then click the Search button. For example – the search for: Cross Reference/Name > Contains > patriot will return the record for "Patriot MIM-104"


If your search requires a bit more information to narrow the findings, simply enter your first Type, Modifier (if applicable), and Value, then click on the More button. A second row of Type, Modifier (if applicable), and Value will appear. This can be replicated as many times as necessary.

For example - the search for Using Nation > Israel and Mission > Air Defense returns a list of 10 missiles.